When you consider the current economy, it can be reasonable to think that finding work is just about impossible. And while this is certainly true for some professions, because of the ongoing pandemic, hospitals and health centers are desperate to fill up their nursing positions. In fact, one of the ways that many centers are working to bring in as many nurses as possible is through several recruitment sites and platforms. Simply put, if you are a nurse, or a healthcare professional, there are a lot of options available to you. Below, we’ll go over some of the things you’ll want to do to find the best quality lpn staffing agency so that you’re matched up with jobs and positions that offer you the most for your needed expertise.

Understanding The Screening Process

The most important thing to know the quality of the lpn staffing agency and recruitment service is what their screening and hiring process is. The more thorough and in-depth it is, the more likely you’ll find yourself with a good site that has the best options for you. After all, the less compelling their screening is, the lower quality their jobs will have to be.

At UNIHCR, the recruitment screening process is incredibly stringent and goes over numerous factors before deciding on their staff. This process includes the following:

  • Rigorous & Extensive Interviews
  • Thorough Review Of Skills
  • Requiring Graduates Only From Accredited Schools & Institutions
  • Quality References & Work History
  • Relevant & Up-to-Date Medical Records

In addition to these areas, high-quality lpn staffing agencies require staff that are skilled and proficient in social media. As online interactions have grown more prevalent, much of the current working generation requires and relies on social media and the internet to best find jobs. By understanding and utilizing online job boards, prospective staff will have a platform to optimally present their skills in a way that supersedes the old school resume and CV letter.

You’ll also want to have a particularly extensive set of referrals that can be called on to vouch for you. Trust me when I say that, as much as we don’t like to think about referrals, they are an essential requirement for any lpn staffing agency that is worth their salt. Any agency or firm that doesn’t require referrals is not one that is particularly quality.

By understanding these important and key factors, you can put yourself in the best position, not only to find the best healthcare nurse recruiters, but also improve your chances of being chosen by them when reviewed.